Tilda Technologies, a supplier of custom-built software, has developed and rolled out a system to help Aspen Pharmacare comply with the Code of Marketing Practice that is regulated by the Marketing Code Authority. Also referred to as ‘the Code’, this practice requires mandatory records of all interactions with healthcare professionals (HCP’s) and complimentary documentation for all meetings and events, for instance, speaker’s details, curriculum vitae and honorariums, if necessary, as well as the list and details of attending HCP’s.

Rep Assist, is a cloud-based hosted solution that guarantees that all interactions with HCP’s including grants, donations and sponsorships are always done strictly in accordance with ‘the Code’. The system facilitates visibility and compliance to ‘the Code’ by requiring different levels of authorization depending on the type of interaction, while always ensuring that the company code compliance officer has visibility and final approval rights.

An on-the-go app, Rep Assist further aids compliance by regulating the conduct of Aspen’s pharmaceutical sales representatives (reps) in meetings, when selling or marketing pharmaceuticals to professionals within the healthcare industry.

A module to track all sponsorships was included to provide Aspen’s code of compliance department and management with full instant visibility of all processes in order to facilitate the mitigation of any regulatory risks.

Irene Badenhorst, the company code compliance officer for Aspen Pharmacare in South Africa said, ‘Previously, our record keeping process was a slow paper-driven system that had no immediate visibility for the company. Now, with Rep Assist, it makes it easier to track all meetings and events that are submitted for review under the marketing code for risk evaluation, which speeds up our approval process significantly.’