Excellence through innovation

“Excellence through Innovation”

Products Overview

All specialist software products offered by Tilda Technologies were developed locally to either solve an in-house challenge or find an innovative yet functional solution to meet a client's unique requirements within the South African market.

Although each product is a fixed solution that fulfils the needs of specific business sectors, there is room for some alterations, where you can make some tailor-made modifications to incorporate your company's operational and/or strategic preferences, while remaining within the regular functionality of the software application.

Some of our offerings provide the opportunity to preview the software and even try it out with a 30-day FREE Trial option.

Product Purchase Process

1) Investigate


Explore our unique range of locally developed products as well as Microsoft Office 365

2) Evaluate


Assess the features and benefits; then where available, check out the preview and trial it for 30-days.

3) Purchase


Request a quote or call sales on (011) 823 6773 Ext 2001

4) Register/


Register online to get immediate access to the software or if the product is a stand-alone solution Tilda Technicians will install it.

5) Support


Offering a helping hand our skilled Microsoft Certified developers provide online assistance at support@tildatech.co.za

Our company products include:-

  1. Weighgate Pro 7.0
  2. An easy to use and flexible weighbridge system for managing bulk goods receiving and delivery within the manufacturing, logistics, metal and mining industries.

  3. StoreCard
  4. An online cloud application that streamlines the merchandizing review process specifically aimed at auditing in-store product promotions, point-of-sale (POS) displays and advertising campaigns to ensure that all on-the-shelf merchandizing is fully accounted for.

  5. TimeWhizz
  6. An accurate online time management software solution specifically created for the professional consulting industry offering measurable timesheet reports and providing a more efficient time management approval process.

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